Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process

Enrollment in Carleton Project is a multi-step process that allows for complete determination on the  part of Carleton Project representatives, potential students, parents and local school departments to decide whether a placement at one of our schools will be the best fit for each individual student.  This determination is dependant upon several factors including, but not limited to: local school support, availability of seats in the program, transportation needs, assessment of special needs, ability to meet attendance standards and compatibility of a potential student with  students already enrolled at the school.

The following are the essential steps to the Enrollment Process.

Step 1: Application

There is some important information to be collected during the initial application, such as name, age, sending school (current school student’s attended and grade), and contact info. The Carleton Project Application is to filled out by the interested STUDENT.  In the application, the student will also have a chance to explain why traditional school wasn’t working out for them, and to share their educational goals.  Please call the teacher at the individual location closest to you, to have an application mailed, or to download an application, click below:

Carleton Project Application

Step 2: Initial Screening

When the application has been accepted, staff members will schedule an initial screening to determine if enrollment is in the best educational interests of the student.  The initial screening is an informal meeting conducted by the school.  During this meeting, it will be explained to the student and parent/guardian how the program works and school guidelines will be revealed to help familiarize the student with the program.  The Screening Committee will include not less than two of the following people:

  • Student (must be present)998754_480955415331456_1231850341_n
  • School administration
  • Carleton Project Staff
  • A parent or adult advocate
  • Representation from the last school attended by the student
  • Any other support persons, as warranted

Step 3: School Visit

If the initial screening goes well and the screening committee feels as though the applicant would be a good candidate for the program, the next step is to invite the student to come spend some time visiting the school before making a final decision about whether or not the program is right for them.  A good idea would be to have them shadow a veteran student so they can better understand what a normal school day is like in this program. A typical school visit will generally take 2-5 days.

Step 4: The 30-Day Trial

If the school visit goes well, the student will be given a thirty day trial period in the program.  During this time period the student will come to school everyday and start working to earn credit.  The student is expected to participate and follow school guidelines just like any other student.  This is a time when the student must prove that they are ready to be enrolled in the program and take responsibility for their education.

Before the thirty day trial period begins, it is vital that both funding and reliable transportation are secured.  If a student does not have funding or reliable transportation then it will be impossible for them to attend this school.

It is at this time that the teacher can send a request for transcripts and immunization records to ensure the eligibility of the student—all immunizations must be current, and  transcripts will be reviewed to ensure that the student is not in need of any special education  requirements that the school is not licensed to serve.

Step 5: Final Screening

At the end of the thirty day trial period, a final screening will be administered to assess the trial period and review goals that the student wishes to achieve at Carleton Project.  The student can use this meeting to outline and verbalize their individual action plan with the assistance of the teacher and/or other staff.  Both a parent and student must be present at the final screening.

At the Final screening, there will also be an opportunity for the student and parent to sign any paperwork necessary to complete the student’s file.

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  1. Hello,
    My step-daughter has expressed interest in your school. She dropped out of bangor high just a few weeks after starting. She has refused to go back. Bangor High called today saying they were turning her over to DHS and Bangor PD for Truancy. What kind of funding is needing for this program? She lives with her mother in Bangor. However, her mom doesn’t have a license right now. Would the bus be considered a secure form of transportation? What are the hours for this program? Thank you.

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